Monday, January 11, 2010

Celebrity Births

I love hearing labor and delivery stories. Whether I’m talking to friends, relatives, or watching TLC’s “A Baby Story,” I can’t get enough of the different experiences women have. Some go all natural, some get an epidural the second they realize they arrive at the hospital, and many fall in between. Some births are scheduled C-sections, some are induced, and some begin all on their own. Many women give birth in the hospital, while others opt to give birth at a birthing center, or even at home.

I often find myself wondering, “What type of labors and deliveries do celebrities have?” There doesn’t seem to be much information out there in this department. Magazines and TV shows seem to dish on everything when celebrities are pregnant, including how much weight celebrities gain and who designs the maternity clothes. After the baby is born, magazines are scrambling to be the first to release the precious photos of the new baby and family. Rarely, if ever, do magazines give any information on the actual birth itself.

Maybe I’m not reading the right magazines, but the ones I read seem to skip nothing when it comes to the personal lives of celebrities. Why do they avoid the topic of birth?

When flipping through magazines (something I do almost daily), I often speculate as to what birth experiences the lovely ladies I’m looking at ended up having. Did Angelina Jolie get an epidural? Did Gwen Stefani give birth in the water? Was Nicole Richie’s doctor male or female, or did she decide to use a midwife? Did Jennifer Garner need stitches afterwards? Which women screamed during contractions, and which were quiet?

I also wonder if being a celebrity has perks during this special time. Are the birthing suites of Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez similar to the one I gave birth in? I’m assuming the babies of these celebrities do not go to a nursery with the rest of the babies, so does that mean these families always have an in-room triage, or is there a private nursery just for the famous baby? Do celebrities have to give birth in the hospital, or can they opt to have the doctor, nurses, and all medical equipment brought to their homes?

If anyone has answers to these questions, please let me know where to find them. I love celebrity gossip, and I love birth stories. I can hardly imagine anything more exciting than combining the two.

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