Saturday, February 20, 2010

So, we got into our first car accident with our baby today...

We got in our first car accident with our baby today. It was very minor, thankfully, but it left me feeling very shaken.

Our little dear has been down with a cold for a few days, and we decided a little fresh air would be good for all of us. Since we were running low on groceries, we bundled up and headed to the store.

After shopping and loading our bags into the car, I got into the back and began buckling our daughter into her car seat. My husband waited in the front for us to finish, keys in the ignition.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a car driving towards us. It was approaching driver’s side of our car. I assumed it was waiting for us to pull out of our spot so it could pull in after we left. I was shocked when it kept coming closer and closer, and before I knew what was happening, BAM! It hit us!

My husband and I both stared out the window in shock, and became even more surprised as we realized no one was driving the car that hit us.

We got out of our car quickly – both climbing out the front passenger side door, since the car that hit us was pinning both driver’s side doors shut, and our baby’s infant car seat was blocking the passenger side door in the back. As soon as I was out of the car, I immediately I tried getting our daughter out. My hands were shaking too much, so my husband did it for me.

We had no idea what had happened, but found out from witnesses that someone hit a parked car as they were parking. The parked car that got hit rolled across the parking lot and hit us – thus, the absence of a driver. (In other words: Car A was parking and hit Car B. Car B rolled across the parking lot with no driver after getting hit by Car A and ran into us, Car C.)

It was a very minor accident, but scary, nonetheless. It made me very thankful for my family, thankful for a reliable car seat, and thankful that the car seat was on the passenger side of our vehicle.

I did some research after I got home, and was grateful that we will not need to replace our car seat.

Check back tomorrow to see which types of accidents make it possible for you to continue using your child’s car seat safely.


  1. Car accidents can really make a traumatic impact. Thank goodness that none of you got hurt during the car accident. I just want to give you a piece of advice about car accidents. Actually, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to help you to obtain medical claims from the offender. It’s been two years since the accident. I hope you’re all alright now.

  2. I’m glad that you guys had witnesses. Those individuals can help you out with your case. Did you have any actions made during your accident? Or even planned to file against the offender? Because once the offender proved to be guilty you will sure be compensated. Just be sure to ready all possible evidences that can proved That car owner guilty.

  3. Oh my, I’m so relieved you and your baby weren’t harmed in any way. The car seat was a life-saver. Did you report what happened to road authorities? It was a good thing you had witnesses to the accident. That should help in the proper documentation and detailing of what happened.